Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Starting Out


Think about yours for a moment. Think about where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to be. Not just physical places, but personal experiences. Are you generally pleased with who you have become? If the answer is yes, congratulations! If the answer is no, where have you gone wrong? What could you have done better? Maybe you are unsure of where you are, and if you are pleased with yourself. That may be because you have not experienced your life yet.

I am in a position where I really cannot examine my life, because I don't think it has started yet. Yes, I have been born, I went through the physical development process of early childhood, the discovery of self in elementary school, the ridicule of middle school, and the understanding of self in high school. I have received a Bachelor's degree, and 2 credits away from a Masters degree. Sounds like I have plenty to look back on, enough to analyze. I have gathered enough experience in my 23 years to know who I am and what I would like to accomplish. But I haven't gained the experience I would have hoped for at this time in my life.

Though I can give general life advice, that is not enough for me. I have worries, fears, and expectations for what's to come. That's why I started this blog. I'd like to post my worries and fears, goals and expectations, and have a way to look back and see how much I have changed (hopefully).

If this is my last post, thanks for reading. I must have found what I was looking for.

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  1. Hey Jess, it's Joe. I know exactly where you are coming from. True life experience is tough to come by, and when looking back there really doesn't seem to be any kind of pattern.

    Be patient though, life's experiences present themselves to us when we are ready for them. I thought by now I'd be traveling the world with my best friends. I haven't let go of that dream. Trust me it's still going to happen. Just not in the way I expect it.

    The blog is a good idea. Writing is the one of humanities greatest expressions and it helps us set our ideas and priorities straight. It also flourishes the imagination Right now I'm thinking of how awesome it would be to slide down a snowy mountain in a cardboard box, and I wouldn't have thought of that if I wasn't writing this.

    Remember life is not set in stone. You really can do whatever you want with it, and I'm proud of your choices so far. Jess, your life has begun and has been going on for some time. What I think you are waiting for is the next phase in your life to begin, and knowing you it's going to be amazing!