Friday, January 21, 2011

Who actually enjoys "waiting?"


We've all experienced it one way or another. Whether it's for a holiday, vacation, or even a class to be over, we all look forward to something. Sometimes we wait for a change- which is nonspecific, and therefore quite annoying.

While I have been applying for jobs and taking the appropriate steps to searching for a job, nothing has quite come up. There hasn't been that one TEACHING job where I felt I was wanted or even considered.

Then one day I decided to search for bands who could use an experienced singer. That very search session, I came across an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. So I emailed the contact, received a call the next day, and we talked about an audition. After the audition, I felt pretty good. I felt like I was considered. In fact, I felt wanted.

I know that I have to wait for them to make a decision, but it's getting increasingly difficult with every day I wait. Was I being lead on? Am I a top candidate? Or am I one of the backups that they need?

In this process, though, I have shifted my concentration from a teaching job to a performing job. I haven't been looking in these last two weeks because I have been so focused on practicing for this audition that I may or may not reap the benefits from. Did I just lose these last two weeks of job searching for nothing?

There's nothing I can do now except wait. And of course blog about it.

Thanks for the comments on my first blog (whether on here or in person). Stay tuned for what actually happens. I may make a sad box and a happy box. Where would the two bottles of scotch go?

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